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SG-3T BioRemediation

Our products are formulated with these things in mind. Effectiveness, Simplicity and Value.
SG-3T Bioremediation

Spill Genie®3T is the most effective, environmentally friendly hydrocarbon bioremediation agent on the market today. Spill Genie® 3T is the result of science-driven innovation, years of biological and environmental research, and strategic insight from our industrial partners in an effort to continue making a difference in the world.

Spill Genie® 3T represents the future of bioremediation strategies for hydrocarbon clean-up of contaminated soils, sands, gravels, and nearshore areas. Spill Genie® 3T utilizes microbial-based technologies to develop highly specialized microbes, enzymes, and a combination of plant-based components, all integrated to create our proprietary oil-eating product.

Everyone who works with oil or a petroleum product, whether it’s transportation, refining or the storage of oil and oil by-products, knows eventually, no matter how careful you are or how many procedures you put in place, there is always a possibility or the eventuality, of a spill or storage tank leak.

Generally, after a spill or leak has been discovered, clean up procedures and remediation plans are the required next steps. Spill Genie® 3T is today’s answer to a cost-effective, highly efficient response.


Spill Genie® 3T’s proprietary formulation saves project costs by reducing:

  • the cost of moving and/or replacing tons of hydrocarbon contaminated soil

  • the remediation time

  • the number of labor hours required on-site

  • the environmental impact to the surrounding areas

  • the extent of required testing and monitoring


Thus, a proper response to any hydrocarbon contamination issue is critical as the costs for such projects can be staggering; hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even millions! With Spill Genie® 3T, you will see a rapid reduction in Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) within 72 hours!

How Spill Genie® 3T works:

With over 3 trillion microbes per 5-gallons, these microbes remain dormant until they are activated by the presence of hydrocarbons and begin to multiply. The product breaks down the oil into nano-bite size droplets for microbial digestion. When the remediation process is complete, the microbes become dormant and assimilate into the environment.

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Spill Genie® 3T provides a universal solution to quickly and effectively remediate industrial, commercial, and residential areas adversely impacted by hydrocarbon contamination. Some examples where Spill Genie® 3T can be used include, but are not limited to:

  • Oil and natural gas pipelines

  • Above ground and underground storage tanks and surrounding areas

  • Oil rigging and associated areas

  • Petroleum-contaminated equipment and materials

  • Malodorous waste management areas

  • Maritime and vessel contaminated areas

  • Cleaning of automotive and recreational vehicles

  • Military and aviation transport vehicles

  • Transit authorities, buses, trains, railway tracks and rail yards,

  • Pavers, garages, and other places where hydrocarbon contaminants are present

Spill Genie® 3T remedies nearly all types of hydrocarbon contaminated lands and nearshore areas.

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