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Spill Genie   provides eco-conscience solutions to address adverse hydrocarbon conditions in the Crude Oil Storage Industry, including hydrocarbon contaminated spill sites, utilizing our highly specialized products.

Our products are the results of over 15-years of science-driven biological and environmental research designed to provide a highly efficient process in both asphaltene sludge liquification and hydrocarbon based contaminated waste cleanup. Our cost-effective strategies can work in conjunction with each other, when applicable, to provide our revolutionary 2-step storage tank cleaning process.

SG-ASL  Asphaltene Sludge Liquefier

Let me introduce you to Spill Genie’s SG-ASL, the storage tank cleaning agent of the future!  

Spill Genie   formulated SG-ASL to clean, remediate and dispose of storage tank sludge in an environmentally innovative manner. 

Asphaltene solids precipitate out of crude oil in storage because of their high relative density.  As a result, asphaltene solids form a layer of tacky, gummy sludge on the bottom of the storage tank. Over time, this layer of sludge contamination increases in mass until it eventually must be removed.

SG-ASL is formulated to solubilize and disperse the asphaltene solids, increase viscosity, enhance flow and remove asphaltene buildup. Today’s typical mechanical- methods tank cleaning process is difficult and time consuming, resulting in large volumes of asphalt waste that must be properly disposed at a very large cost to the customer.

  • Contains NO BTEX Solvents

  • Can be used at Ambient Temperatures above freezing

  • Converts asphaltenes to a pumpable slurry and inhibits the asphaltenes from re-solidifying; thereby, reducing the high costs of mechanical methods of disposal

  • The recoverable hydrocarbons can be transported for reprocessing


SG-3T Hydrocarbon Remediation Agent

Spill Genie® 3T is the most effective, environmentally friendly hydrocarbon bioremediation agent on the market today.

Spill Genie® 3T is the result of science-driven innovation, years of biological and environmental research, and strategic insight from our industrial partners in an effort to continue making a difference in the world.


Spill Genie® 3T represents the future of bioremediation strategies for hydrocarbon clean-up of contaminated soils, sands, gravels, and nearshore areas. Spill Genie® 3T utilizes microbial-based technologies to develop highly specialized microbes, enzymes, and a combination of plant-based components, all integrated to create our proprietary oil-eating product.

To further enhance Spill Genie® 3T’s ability to rapidly speed up the remediation process, the product contains environmentally preferred surfactants which act as a natural dispersant. This activity breaks apart the large petroleum hydrocarbon molecules into smaller droplet-sized particles that disperse in water. This process changes the physical form of the hydrocarbon molecules and thereby enhances the biodegradation speed. By increasing the surface area of the hydrocarbons present, the microbes are able to consume them faster. The more soluble the hydrocarbon, the faster it will be consumed, and degraded by the Spill Genie® 3T microbes.

crude oil storage tank
crude sludge and liquified sludge

Demonstrated speed and efficiency done at Ambient temperature at the show

April 13, 2022

Attendees were asked to bring sludge samples for us to examine while at the show. This is a large "meatball" size piece (almost as hard as a rock) on the left and another one on the right, that Spill Genie liquified in about 15-20 mins. at ambient temp. 

Contaminated Water Storage Cleanup

Our SG-3T remediates contaminated storage tank water used in the removal of hydrocarbon contaminants. Our product has proven to reduce the hydrocarbon TPH within the first 48 hours.

For doing "spot field" checks on the progress, our collaboration with acustrip will provide a quick, inexpensive and accurate way for field workers to check and keep track of the progress using the test strips conveniently package with 50 in each bottle.

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