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SG-ASL Asphaltene Sludge Liquefier

Spill Genie   Asphaltene Sludge Liquefier (SG-ASL)

Asphaltenes, also referred to as bitumen, precipitate out of crude oil in storage tanks because of their high relative density. As a result, asphaltene solids sink to the bottom of the storage tank and form a layer of tacky, gummy sludge (“Sludge”).  Over time this layer of gummy Sludge asphaltene increases in mass until it eventually must be removed. Typical mechanical tank cleaning processes are difficult and time-consuming resulting in large volumes of Sludge that must be properly disposed at a very large cost to the customer.  

Introducing the Preeminent Storage Tank Asphaltene Sludge Liquefier: SG-ASL 

 SG-ASL is the storage tank cleaning agent of the future! 

Spill Genie’s process to clean and dispose of storage tank Sludge is an industry innovation. The process begins with Spill Genie’s SG-ASL proprietary blend of NON-BTEX (BTEX - benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene) solvents, cosolvents and surfactants which remove the asphaltene buildup by dispersing and solubilizing the asphaltene solids.  SG-ASL works by surrounding the asphaltene molecules effectively transforming solids to a viscous liquid state. SG-ASL inhibits the asphaltene molecules from attaching / re-attaching and clumping to one another while remaining viscous, resulting in an asphaltene slurry that can be pumped out of the storage tank to a holding tank or transported for final disposal.  SG-ASL significantly reduces the asphaltene solids and Sludge in preparation for 653 inspection and storage tanks return to use. 

  Additionally, our product: 

  • Contains NO BTEX solvents 

  • Inhibits properly treated asphaltenes from re-solidifying 

  • Reduces the high cost of mechanical types of removal 

  • Recoverable hydrocarbons in the slurry may be transported for reprocessing 

  • Can be used at ambient temperatures above freezing

  • May be used to dissolve asphaltene deposits in clogged wellbores


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